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Who We Are

​​​​​​​​​​​The North Carolina League of Municipalities is truly a member-driven organization, with those members deciding advocacy goals, directing internal- and external-facing policies, and leading service initiatives. An active, 35-member Board of Directors represents a diverse group of cities and towns of all sizes, from the mountains to the coast. NCLM members are dedicated to the idea that, working cooperatively together, we can protect local decision-making authority so that local residents can pursue their own unique visions of what their towns and cities can and should be. With that aim in mind, we strive not only to serve an array of needs of our member municipalities, but to bolster local leadership and empower North Carolina citizens so that they can make their cities and towns the best that they can be. 

Our Mission

The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a member-driven organization representing the interests of cities and towns in the state. Through their collective efforts, League member cities and towns better serve their residents and improve quality of life. 

For more than 100 years, the League has been one voice for cities and towns working for a better North Carolina.

Our Values

Working together as one, the cities and towns of the North Carolina League of Municipalities will be guided by our commitment to:

Service: We trust in the effectiveness of cities and towns, led by locally-elected officials, to craft solutions that improve quality of life.

Self-determination: We believe in the ability of all cities and towns to pursue their own visions of their futures.

Inclusiveness: We value every member, the diversity of all, and the diverse nature of each member city and towns and their citizenry.

Collaboration: We believe in working together in ways that enhance all cities and towns, through promotion of best practices, and imparting knowledge and expertise.

​Responsiveness: We focus on the needs of North Carolinians, answering to the people in meaningful ways that affect their everyday lives.​

Our Bylaws​​​

​Vision 2030 Strategic Planning